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How Your Firm Can Attract and Keep Millennial Talent


Attract Millennial Talent

Attract Millennial Talent

In today’s workplace, if you don’t already employ a Millennial, chances are, you will soon. With an increasing number of Baby Boomers transitioning into retirement, people from the Millennial generation are stepping up to take their places. It’s important to keep in mind that Millennials are looking for different things than workers from older generations. Understanding and being able to meet the desires of this younger workforce is key to attracting them to your firm, and convincing them to stay.

Recruiting Strategy is Everything


Recruiting Strategy

Recruiting Strategy

Build an Attractive Brand

If you’re unable to get Millennials to notice that your firm exists, they will never apply for a job. In order for Millennials to show enough interest in your firm to want to work there, it has to be an accessible, and desirable, brand. Millennial talent is much more likely to want to belong to a firm that expresses an environmentally friendly, or socially conscious, viewpoint. Green initiatives, and participation in community charities, or organizations, can go a long way.

Stay Up-to-Date With Online Trends

Millennials were the first generation to grow up with the internet, and as a result, see it as an essential tool for many everyday tasks. There are many ways, like social media, a great website and online advertising, that your business can take advantage of the internet. Millennials will base your worthiness as an employer, and success as a firm, upon the type, and amount, of web presence your firm has. They want to see that you are open to adapting to new ways of thinking, and value new technology.

Show Them You Share Their Values

If there is one thing that Millennials truly value, it’s transparency. Millennial talent will really respond to clear-cut, directness. Regardless of whether something is good or bad, Millennials would rather have everything out in the open. Millennials also value flexibility, both for themselves and for your company. You need to show Millennial talent that you hold being open and resilient in high regards.

Create Growth Opportunities

Part of the reason Millennials choose to stay in college to obtain additional degrees is because they want to land a job that they can have a future with. A firm that offers Millennial talent opportunities to for advancement within the company is much more likely to hire, and keep, younger workers than a firm that does not. Millennials are looking for companies that share their views, and will encourage them to move up, and eventually, take a bigger role within that same company.

How to Train Millennial Talent


Train Millennial Talent

Train Millennial Talent

Individualized Training

Millennials see themselves as unique, and want training programs that reflect that viewpoint. Pairing inexperienced Millennials with seasoned workers to act as mentors is a great way to do achieve effective, individualized training that can be mutually beneficial to the mentor and the trainee. With this type of arrangement, the Millennial is able to work one on one with someone experienced, receive advice about many different topics of interest and get specific, regular feedback on their progress. Millennial talent also appreciates incentives for completing advanced degrees or industry certifications.

Make Training Hands On

Millennials prefer to learn by doing. They benefit most from training that is interactive, and involves real world applications. Keep informational videos and seminar style training sessions to a minimum. Instead, give them small team, or individual, projects to complete that fit together into something bigger.

How to Retain Millennial Talent For Years to Come


Retain Millennial Talent

Retain Millennial Talent

Feedback is Key

Millennials are very interested in knowing how they are doing. An annual review is a good start, but they would prefer more updates on their progress, more often. It can be simple, informal feedback in the form of a casual discussion, some coaching, or feedback on projects they have completed. Millennial talent highly values the ability to track their progress and make adjustments when they start to get off course.

They Want to be Part of the Big Picture

Something that is very important to Millennial talent is feeling as though their voice is being heard when, and where, it really matters. They want to know how the work they’re doing fits in, and relates, to the big picture. Allowing them to know how all the departments work together, and what they’re working together to accomplish, is crucial to Millennials feeling as though they matter.


The Future of the Workforce

The Future of the Workforce

Millennial Talent is the Future

It may be difficult to change the way your firm has been doing things for years to accommodate a new workforce, but changes are often inevitable to ensure continued business success. By embracing Millennial talent, and making an effort to recruit, and develop them into valuable employees, you help more than just your company. Your current employees and customers will most likely benefit, too.



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